Your job this week is to choose one of the

Your job this week is to choose one of the Case Studies available on the sites provided below.

Here are some resources for ethics case studies:

Specific Cases

Remember to refer to the code of ethics as you analyze the case studies

In your original post, answer the following:

  • Tell us which site and case study you will be using. 
  • Be sure your choice is original, and it is not too similar to a classmate’s. There are many different case studies to choose from, so this should not be a problem.
  • You must cite your source in APA format. 
  • Tell us your thoughts about the case study. Relate it to the Engineers Code of Ethics. Was there a violation or not? 
  • You can type this in the discussion board or You can create a short video (1 to 3 minutes) discussing the case study and your point of view.
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