Write two letters (equaling 2 pages): One letter to MYOP

Write two letters (equaling 2 pages): One letter to MYOP from Alice Walker’s “Flowers” and one to a character that you choose from  “A Raisin in the Sun” (1959 play by Lorraine Hansberry).  Write the letter as yourself, a college student just learning these characters’ stories.

In each letter, develop several paragraphs showing your usual level of development that relies on details from the literature. While you do not have Hansberry’s script, refer to specific scenes. Consider using quotations from “The Flowers.”  Your intention in each letter should be to help the character to analyze and understand the realities and loss of innocence that he or she experiences/confronts in the literature. As you choose your tone (angry? encouraging? matter-of-fact?), consider whether you will give advice, show empathy, or ________. Fill in the blank to reflect your response that you will use to shape your letter. 

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