“What kinds of interpersonal skills and cultural awareness are

Question 1: What do you understand by ‘global citizenship’? And how might it help focus on shared concerns between national cultures, rather than on differences? Question 2: What do you understand by cultural heritage? And what role might it play in expectations of work and management? Question 3: “What kinds of interpersonal skills and cultural awareness are required for working in organisations where cross-cultural encounters are a part of everyday life?” Please note that for all of the questions, you must make reference to relevant literature to support your arguments. Assessment criteria: Structure and Development of argument; Use of research/theory/literature; Use of relevant case study examples;. Writing style and referencing; Structure and Development of argument: Clear evidence of independent and original thinking in the development of argument and sophistication in expression Use of reading/research/appropriate writers; Evidence of extensive reading/research, drawing on a wide set of sources and an ability to connect to different perspectives in the literature Use of relevant case studies and examples to illustrate understanding; Numerous examples showing sophisticated ability to connect theory/concepts to practical experiences/case studies in an integrative way Writing style and referencing; Mastery of academic style and referencing Understanding of concepts/ideas presented on the module: Excellent awareness of the subtlety of concepts and ideas presented

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