Was the Vietnam War justifiable and fought in an honorable manner

 1: Was the Vietnam War justifiable and fought in an honorable manner? What was the intent behind the American involvement (from Eisenhower through Johnson)? What were the public arguments for and against the war? Did the United States achieve its goals set in the “peace with honor” policy of the Nixon Administration? Question 2: Given the American promise, did the United States fulfill this promise from the ratification of the Reconstruction Amendments to the present day? If yes, how? If not, why? Hint for #2…you must first define “American promise” before you give your educated opinion about its fulfillment. (Some might say it was embodied in Jefferson’s phrase “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” while others might say it is the guarantee of equal rights and opportunities for all of its citizens.) Each essay should be at least 1000 words. It must be double spaced and typed in 12 point Times New Roman font. (These are short essays, so you don’t have time to puff them up. Get right to the point and support each claim with evidence.) Begin with a strong thesis statement followed by relevant evidence from the readings and lectures. Cite Foner as (Foner pg.#); cite the Zinn documents by the author of the document of title if the author is anonymous, for example (Ginsburg 454); and cite the presentations/lectures as Colling + lecture/slide #, e.g. (Colling 5/42). Use at least three primary documents for evidence. These can be found in Zinn. They are your choice, but you must use the primary documents as significant sources to make your case. At the end of the essay, in one or two sentences, tell me why you chose these documents. The essays must include references to all of the assigned readings and only assigned readings. Again, use Foner, Zinn, and lectures only. (I will not read the essay if it employs outside sources. The purpose of the essays is to determine whether you’ve read the assigned readings, viewed lectures, and understood the material as presented.) Do not plagiarize. If you use any sources other than Foner, Zinn, or the presentations, you will fail the exam (0 points).

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