NIVEA’s market segments

-The word counting for the whole assignment must be between 2000-2050, not less or more. Bibliography and diagrams are not counted in counting words.


-You have to choose between 25-29 references and divide them between the parts of the report, but don’t use references in the introduction or in the recommendation. Also, put all the bibliography in the end of the report and please bear in mind that the bibliography must not be included with the word counting. You must use APA format referencing.







More important information about the assignment requirements: –


1-In the PESTLE part, it must be in table format, and the table should be done like that:


What is



What type of pestle is it, for example, social or political or..?

Is it an opportunity or threat to the company?

What is its impact on the company?

Time scale


2-in SWOT part, it must be in a table format,







In each of the strength, opportunities, weakness, threats, you have to prioritize the points, for example, if you mentioned 6 points for strength, then you have to number these 6 points from the most strength to the last strength… and you have to do prioritizing in each of the other columns as well.

Put the number next to each point in the column.



3- in the third one when choose two of the NIVEA’s market segments: (it means choose two of the 5 points that are in the case study which are concerned consumers, sun avoiders, conscientious sun lover, careless tanners, native beauty conscious) …….

In the assignment he said choose one but it was a mistake, so you have to choose two.


5- in the fifth one when he said draw up a series of 3 planned marketing actions: (it means choose 3 of marketing mix (7P’s)…


-You have to know that the five assignment requirements that are written in a table in the assignment paper are connected to each other like a one chain which means after finishing the first part of pestle then you can do swot then, and so on…


-You have to do 2 or 3 labelled diagrams that will help you in the explanations which means put relative diagrams that will be relative to the explanation that you are going to write.



-When you write this assignment: don’t just describe the things only. you have to describe the thing then you have to justify why/ you have said that, then you need to evaluate it which means say what is its limitations.


-Here are some useful text books that might help you ( but also you should use wide range of resources such as journals or articles, etc.):

Brassington, F. and Pettitt,S ., 2006, Principles of Marketing, FT/Prentice-Hall.

Principles & Practice of Marketing: Jobber

Strategic Marketing Management: Wilson & Gilligan

Marketing Plans: McDonalds

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