Turning points in criminal behavior


Read the Case Study #3 Article, and answer the 4 questions below. Substantive answers should be at least 2 paragraphs where a paragraph is at least 5 sentences.


1. The textbook mentions a variety of risk factors that, when present, exponentially increases the likelihood of criminality, including social, parental and familial, and psychological. What risk factors were present in the men in the study sample?


2.  The case study describes four protective factors (i.e., factors that were seen by the respondents as leading to positive life change):


            * respect and concern for children,

            * fear of physical harm or incarceration,

            * contemplation time, and

            * support and modeling.


Pick one that particularly resonates with you, and explain whether Christians/churches might be uniquely positioned to help intervene effectively, and why or why not.


3.  The textbook discusses intervention strategies for youth. Assuming you’d had a chance to work with these men when they were juveniles, use the text to suppose what you’d like to have done to effectively intervene with them.



4.  There are several mentions of the connections between the men in the case study and illicit drugs. Pick one of those connections described, and use Goldstein’s tripartite conceptual model for understanding the drug/crime relationship to explain it.

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