This will be the culmination of your project work for

This will be the culmination of your project work for the semester.

You will be creating a 10-minute sales pitch on your food and beverage concept. Including the following:

P1: Concept Statement (What is it?)

P2: Guest Demographics and Psychographics (Who are your guests & why?)

P3: Food Menu (Walk us through your menu)

P4: Beverage Menu (Why did you choose these items?)

P5: Financials (How much will it cost and do you think you could be successful?) (It’s okay to say no)

P6 Talent Acquisitions (Do you think you can find the people for your concept)

You can use Zoom, Skype for Business, YouTube, etc. for the presentation if you are looking for some

guidance please see below.

Be sure the PowerPoint has audio or video. Please save as an MP4 or hyperlink

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