This is a twopart assignment 1 you will individually develop a project closure checklist that is tailoredunique to your group

This is a two-part assignment (1) you will individually develop a project closure checklist that is tailored/unique to your group project that you have worked on throughout the course and (2) you will prepare a written response describing the concepts of the project lessons learned and project retrospectives. Respond to the following (Exercise 1 and Question 1): Exercise 1 – Project Closure Checklist: Using the concepts discussed this week to develop a short (no more than 1 page in length) project closure checklist that you could use to close out your group project. Question 1 – Project Retrospectives: Advocates of retrospective methodology claim there are distinguishing characteristics that increase its value over past lessons learned methods. Conduct a search of the Universitys academic databases (see Resources>Library in course navigation bar) to learn more about the project retrospective process. What are the distinguishing characteristics of project lessons learned and project retrospectives? How are these two concepts different? How does each characteristic enhance project closure and review?

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