This assignment is an individual effort. You will be assigned

  • This assignment is an individual effort.
  • You will be assigned a historical figure.
  • Your presentation should be uploaded in the assignment portal of CANVAS.
  • Worth 26 points based on rubric criteria.
  • Expect feedback within 10 days of submission date.
  1. Students will be given a historical figure to research (philosopher, theorist, and politician from the list below) and present a PowerPoint presentation.
  2. In addition to the material provided in the textbook, students will be responsible to extend their research about this person’s background and contributions to early childhood education. 
  3. Students should situate this person in space and time and analyze the social and political issues during those days (you can find a useful timeline in page 37). Students are discouraged to cut and paste long texts.
  4. The slides should be self-explanatory, explicit and clear enough to contain the most relevant information and an analysis of this person’s influence in early childhood.
  5. Students should record audio for each of their presentation slides for the online class. Images, pictures and/or videos must be included. 
  6. Proofread your work in order to avoid grammatical errors.
  7. Your PowerPoint or Prezi presentation should be submitted through the designated discussion forum by the due date.   Google docs will not be accepted.
  8. References/Bibliography must be included.
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