The purpose of this assignment is for you to understand

The purpose of this assignment is for you to understand how type is selected and its functions throughout a given design.

For each of the words listed below in bold-italic (ex.St Jude University), you must choose an appropriate typeface. Using InDesign, set them in the typeface that best resonates the nature of the organization or topic. Be sure you’re clear on the specific usage of the example.

For each example, you must indicate:

  • The name of the typeface
  • Case (Title case, sentence case, all capitals, etc.)
  • Serif or Sans Serif?
  • Width (Normal, condensed, expanded, etc.)
  • Weight (Normal, light, bold, black, etc.)
  • Posture (Neutral, italic, oblique, etc.)
  • Color
  • Size (What size should this be practically, in points/pt)

Then, briefly explain for your selections/choices.

Examples followed by their respective bullet answers should be featured on InDesign. Brief explanations can be within the InDesign or in the comment section.


  • The typeface for the logo for St. Jude University, a catholic university that’s been around since 1920.
  • The typeface for the logo for The Miami-Dade Educational Center, a local community center providing workshops and training for adults.
  • The typeface for the HEADLINES AND/OR SUBHEADS for a brochure for a spa, “Skin Treatment” (headline) – Deep cleansing facial (sub-headline).
  • The typeface for the body copy of a book, “The life of Marie Antoinette
  • The typeface for the invitation to a little girl’s birthday party, Jenna is turning 5! Let’s celebrate!

This assignment should be done in InDesign. You must submit both IDML and PDF files. 


Indicated the typeface, styling, attribute, color, and size. Provided a clear and accurate explanation justifying the font selected; correctly described the six aspects of type. 


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