The Epigenetic of Glioblastomas and its Updated Therapy Approaches

Description Essay guidelines and rubrics In-depth analysis on a chosen aspect of epigenetic regulation with outlining of their hereditary, developmental or physiological influence. The format of the essay should follow format of review papers adopted by leading scientific journals. The optimal size of the essay should be within 3,000~5,000 words, without counting words in the list of references. The evaluation of the essay for grading purposes would depend on the following key criteria: 1) clear focus on specific scope of problems, 2) structure, depth and logic of the narrative, 3) coherency of the narrative, 4) demonstration of own analysis and summary of published data, concepts and hypotheses, 5) literature sources beyond recommended papers. The rubrics below will be used to assess the research essay Overall Structure & Organization • Is the paper well organized and contain all the different parts required? • Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion, and References Abstract: • State the objective of the paper • Provides concise summary of the main findings Introduction • Sufficient background information is provided • Explains why the topic is important • States the questions to be answered in this assay • States the relevance of the essay topic to Epigenetics Discussion • Findings are stated clearly and concisely • In-depth analysis by student of the reviewed articles is provided • Clearly distinguishes experimental data from speculations • Results and their significances are adequately explained Conclusion • States weather the reviewed papers provide sufficient information to make meaningful conclusions • Unanswered questions are identified • Recommendations on future directions are provided References • Scientific papers are referenced to support findings • Literature sources beyond recommended papers are used.

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