The Challenge of Cultural Relativism

 1.Short Assignment must be double spaced and use standard 1 to 1.5″ (usually default) margins and 12′ font size. 2. Short Assignment number and title should appear on first line 3. Student name, course title (“Issues in Bioethics”), section number and date of submission which is Thursday, January 31st 2019. should appear on second line 4. All quoted material must be indicated by quotation marks and references. 5. All paraphrased material must be indicated by references. 6. All sources used must be properly indicated after the end of the answer under the title “Bibliography” or “Work(s) Cited” (underlined). Please use MLA style. QUESTION: After defining and explaining what cultural relativism is, explain what it’s main logical flaw is according to James Rachels. Quotations should be supplemented by your own explanations/interpretations. – (Paragraph 1) Define & explain the concept of cultural relativism (see Tordjman, Issues, 9-10) – (Paragraph 2) Explain what JR calls the “cultural differences argument” of cultural relativism and why he claims it is not a logical argument. Length: (about 150-250 words max) Date & Time due: Tuesday, 31 January, 9:30 AM READINGS (reference) (MAIN FOCUS READING) – James Rachels, The Elements of Moral Philosophy, 4th ed., CHAPTER. 2, “The Challenge of Cultural Relativism,” Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2003. (BACKGROUND MATERIAL) – G. Tordjman, Issues in Bioethics, Chapter 1, D and “Chapter 1 Questions” (pp. 8-15). See especially, pp. 9-10 on relativism. – G. Tordjman “Is There Objective Truth in Ethics?” (PowerPoint).

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