Tackling Gangs and Youth Violence

CRJC 370- Special Topics: Gangs Writing Assignment Guidelines For this assignment, you will be required to write a research paper on any one of the issues we have discussed in class. This assignment is designed to allow students to do thorough research on a particular topic in order to generate an informed and educated opinion on serious issues. You will turn in various sections of your paper on the due dates outlined below. Please be cognizant of these due dates, no extensions or make-ups will be allowed without proper documentation (Please see the section in the syllabus under “Late Assignments & Makeups”). For a list of possible gang topics, please see the course outline at the end of your syllabus, or do outside research on a topic you’d like to research. ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES: Format: APA (this includes title page, page numbers, running header, font, 1” margins, etc.) Length: Your final product to be turned in at the end of the semester will be 5-6 pages long (NOT including title page, abstract, or bibliography). Proof read your work. Your final score will be significantly impacted due to spelling and grammatical errors if they occur. Utilize spacing correctly. Massive gaps between paragraphs and sentences will result in the loss of points. This is applicable to not only your individual assignments, but your final research paper as well. You are encouraged to use evidence from the credible sources you select to support your position on your topic, however most your paper should not be direct quotes from your articles. – Paraphrase the information you are using – If you absolutely need to directly quote the author, please give credit where it is due; make sure that you are citing correctly. – In the event that you do directly quote the author, you must make a connection between the quote and why exactly you are using that information for your position. – The only part of your assignment that needs to be in first person is the analysis and recommendation piece. -Remember that you are writing an academic assignment.

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