Review of the Federal IEP form and CT IEP form

Review the Federal IEP form and CT IEP form.

You may use your own state’s IEP form if you are from another state. Federal IEP Form Scroll down to Sample form. Connecticut IEP Form Select: SDE Forms Select: PPT Packet Select: IEP. There are 12 pages to view the CT IEP. Note: Here is a more descriptive website for the CT IEP which will be very helpful with the Unit 3 assignment. “So you’re going to a PPT … The IEP Guide” Although the federal government sets the requirements for the IEP, states differ in how they meet these requirements. Compare and contrast the form against the one developed by the state of Connecticut. How are they different? How are they the same? Do they meet the requirements of the 2004 IDEA? Is the Connecticut IEP form easy to use, useful to educators, and parent-friendly? Explain why or why not. If you are not teaching in CT you may add comparisons from your state as well.

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