Research paper: Recent IS ethical/ social/ political issues,

This research paper is intended to be a case study style. First, select a topic from the following fields and narrow down the scope to a specific company, product, or incident by searching the most recent 3 years of Web resources (reports, news, articles):

e-business, e-commerce, recent IS ethical/ social/ political issues, innovative information technology, incidents of IS failures, IS success, Internet hacking, Cybersecurity, Web privacy. Use at least 3 web resources dated after 2016 that are related to the same issue. Submit a proposal of the research paper which includes (1) your research topic, (2) some research questions stating what you are trying to focus on, and (3) a list of web resources in a Word document. Be sure to select a specific topic concerning one company, an information technology, an incident, an event, an issue, or an activity. Be unique and special. For example, if you like to talk about cybersecurity, then you may research the most recent Russia meddling with the U.S. society with fake Facebook, Twitter accounts. Or you may research the most recent news that Google manipulated its search results for Latino users during the 2016 election.

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