reply1  Identifying the independent and dependent variables is very important in


Identifying the independent and dependent variables is very important in every scientific enquiry. While the independent, otherwise known as the control variable is the variable that the researcher controls or manipulates in a scientific research, the dependent variable is the variable that changes in response to the independent variable. According to Watson et al (2002), identifying and/or collecting information about dependent and independent variables is essential for evaluating the outcomes of evidence-based projects. In terms of cause-effect relationship, the independent variable is the cause, while the dependent variable is the effect

Therefore, for my evidence-based change project—which focuses on the effect of nurse burnout on nursing and patient outcomes, the goal is to control the levels of burnout amongst nurses in order to enhance nursing and patient outcomes. To this effect, the independent variable is nurse burnout and the dependent variable includes nursing and patient outcomes. In the language of cause and effect relationship, if the level of burnout (independent variable) amongst nurses is high, it is expected that we should have negative nursing and patient outcomes (dependent variables), and lower levels of burnout (IV) amongst nurses is associated with positive nursing and patient outcomes (DV) (Cishahayo et al, 2019).

Collecting information about the independent and dependent variables in a scientific enquiry is important because it helps to clarify the direction of a project and it is pertinent for establishing cause and effect relationship. In my project therefore, collecting identifying the dependent and independent variables is necessary to clarify the effects of burnout on nursing and patient outcomes.


Cishahayo, E. U., Tuyisenge, M. J., Mwiseneza, M. J., Sego, R., Bhengu, B. R. (2019). Perceived effects of burnout on patients and its management among nurses in the intensive care unit and emergency department of a Rwandan university teaching hospital. Rwandan Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences, 2(2).

Watson, R., Stimpson, A., Topping, A., & Podorock, D. (2002). Clinical competence assessment in nursing: a systematic review of the literature. J.Adv. Nurs. 39 (5), 421–4


Independent variables are what we expect will influence dependent variables. A dependent variables is what happens as a result of the independent variable ( In my proposal plan the teach-back method will be the independent variable and what the patient verbalizes as understanding is the dependent variable. It is very important to evaluate and ask the patient to verbalize what they have understood from the education that was provided because this will demonstrate if the teach-back method was effective or not. This is why it is also very important to make sure and provide the patients with clear and concise education so that it is easy for the patient to understand. This will allow for the patient to retain the education and to be able to verbalize what he/she was thought and the importance of the education.


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