Refer to “The Housewife Who Drank at Home” and “The Specter of Shame

Substance Abuse and Shame

Refer to “The Housewife Who Drank at Home” and “The Specter of Shame and Substance Misuse ” to complete this assignment. Based on the readings, write a paper of 1,000-1,250 words addressing treatment interventions for substance abuse behaviors that are triggered by shame.

Using the example of the woman in “The Housewife Who Drank at Home,” address the following in your paper:

– Describe how shame impacts the development of addiction. – How does responding to shame influence the treatment of addiction. – Explain how the housewife is experiencing shame and how it impacted her addiction. – Identify treatment strategies for the housewife to help her with her shame and substance abuse. – Describe how you would build a rapport with this woman if you were to treat her. What interviewing skills might you utilize?

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