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Description Use the attached worksheetPreview the document and your reading of Ch. 5 to guide you in the writing of a minimum 2-page paper that will also include a personal interview. Level 1 headings should be included in this order: Information Issues Impacts Implications Imperatives Interview Lessons Learned Select one of the following public policies as your focus, noting the extra credit opportunity below to select a different public policy independently: Head Start CCAMPIS Net Neutrality GI Bill Kentucky Medicaid (recent developments here have put them in the news) DACA MS’s Third Grade Reading Gate Affordable Health Care Act Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 *Students can earn 10 bonus points by choosing a policy not listed in the provided sample list of policies that impacts individuals, families, and communities. For the Interview section, please find one individual to interview who has been personally and directly impacted by the policy you select and research. Use the following questions to guide you in your interview, and record their responses exactly as they share them. Consider using a recording device if agreeable with the person being interviewed: a. In what specific ways are you impacted by this policy? b. Do you consider these impacts negative, positive, or both? c. How long have you been impacted by this policy? d. What are the short-term impacts of this policy on you? e. What are the long-term impacts of this policy on you? f. How do you see this policy impacting individuals, families, and communities? g. What do you want others to know about this policy? As you wrap up your interview in your paper, include the following section: Lessons Learned In this section, please reflect on your research and your interview. Based on these reflections, write your “take away message”/ lessons learned about public policy’s potential to impact individuals, families, and communities. End with your “take away message”/ lessons learned about your SPECIFIC policy researched.

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