Path to Licensure and Selecting a Brokerage Research Paper

Instructions: Write a 4 to 6 page paper (not including title page or reference page) in APA Format. Your paper must be written in 12 Point Arial or Times New Roman font. Note: The purpose of this Assignment is to conduct research concerning the Real Estate Licensure process in your state or the state you wish to conduct business. In addition you will utilize the Checklist for evaluating a Real Estate Firm on page 26 of your textbook to assist you in selecting a potential Real Estate Agency to work with in the future.

Additional Assignment Instructions:

First, research your State’s Real Estate Commission web-site. Locate and explore the following areas and others areas of the web-site. For example: Forms and Applications, Finding a Real Estate Company, Approved Real Estate Schools for Licensing, How to Obtain a License, Finding an Instructor, etc.

Take some time to read through the various sections of the web-site. Next, turn to page 26 of your textbook. Read the Checklist for evaluating a Real Estate Firm. Consider what portions of this checklist are important to you as a Real Estate Agent. In your paper address the following: 1. Explain what information is most relevant on your State’s Real Estate Commission web-site and how this information will be useful in the future to obtain your Real Estate License. 2. Using the Checklist for evaluating a Real Estate Firm on page 26 of your textbook, explain the portions of the checklist that are important to you in your career as a Real Estate Agent. In addition, explain the process of selecting a Real Estate Brokerage or Agency in which to work. Three references are required. Two must be from the APUS Library. Of course, you may use your text as a reference, as well as other sources if they are valid sources. Wikipedia is NOT a valid source for an Academic paper and must not be used for this Assignment.

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