Tasks 1 (b) to 1 (c) – 1,250 words Guidance notes: ORGANISATION OVERVIEW GUIDELINES The organisation overview is intended to provide context on the chosen organisation and must not exceed one side of A4 paper. The following headings should be used as guidance: • Organisation name • Organisation information – To include type of organisation, size of organisation, range of products and services and main competitors • Specific background – Provide a background to your chosen organisation that gives an overview of the customer base and the level of maturity in its ability to choose alternative sets of metrics for different scenarios Task 1 (b): Candidates should consider a range of factors that may influence how the current set of marketing metrics have been chosen. This may include considering the various types of marketing metrics and the need to align with business objectives, strategies and outcomes. Candidates should also consider whether there are any potential gaps between some metrics and business outcomes. Candidates could include consideration of the current working practices and processes within the chosen organisation, whether the reporting of metrics is supported, and whether it has the resources to record the required information and data, for example, a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Candidates may also want to consider the impact of stakeholder influence on what metrics are used and how these have been implemented; for example, who the most influential stakeholders are, and their role in helping to determine key performance indicators (KPIs) and therefore the metrics required to measure them. Candidates may refer to models such as McKinsey’s 7S framework or other relevant stakeholder models.

Task 1 (c): Candidates should start by selecting an alternative market sector. Continued Mastering Metrics (2201) – April 2019 VERSION 1 – 24.08.18 Page 5 of 9 Task 1 continued This could be, for example, business-to-business (B2B), business-toconsumer (B2C), services, voluntary, not-for-profit, a fast-moving consumer goods organisation (FMCG) market, or an online-only market as opposed to an offline channel. A brief overview of this sector and the main differences from the current sector is required, to introduce this part of the task. The current marketing metrics should then be evaluated in terms of their robustness, reliability and validity in relation to the new market sector. Candidates are expected to clearly appraise any identified challenges in using the current set of existing metrics for informing business strategy for a new market sector. It is expected that candidates will demonstrate knowledge of a range of marketing metrics, together with their strengths and weaknesses, within both sectors. The appraisal may also include consideration of different sources of data, such as strategic, predictive, operational data, etc. Candidates will also evaluate the potential problems that the organisation may encounter, such as the dangers of measuring the wrong factors, or the impact that different types of data may have upon each other. If the chosen organisation is, for example, an FMCG and only operates in one market sector, it would be important to include an evaluation of what issues may arise should it decide in the future to operate in an additional market sector. 


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