Nursing-Narrative grant and timeline

Components of Assignment #2 (Narrative & Timeline):

1. Title Page: Include running head, proposed health program name, organization (clinic) name, and names of all applicants (group members).

2. Grant Proposal Section 3- Narrative: Address all subsections listed below. Narrative is limited to 5 pages maximum length. o Organization Information: Briefly describe your organization’s (the clinic) mission and the community/population it serves. How does your organization’s mission fit with the mission of the Nightingale Foundation for Healthy Communities?

o Identified Health Problem(s): What health problem(s) will your health program address? Provide facts and evidence to demonstrate the magnitude of the health problem (must cite 5 pieces of evidence). Why is it important to address your community’s identified health problem(s)?

o Health Program Purpose and Objectives: What is your proposed solution to the identified health problem(s) within your community setting? Describe the purpose of your health program. List the specific, measurable objectives of your health program. Provide evidence to demonstrate the feasibility of your health program in your community (must cite a total of 5 piece of evidence from previous post ) o Program Implementation Plan: Describe the activities (outputs) and resources (inputs) needed to implement your health program (from logic model). Describe your implementation plan through the stages of health program initiation, ongoing implementation, and evaluation of the health program’s success (address outcomes/impacts from logic model). What is your plan for ensuring continuation and sustainment of the health program after the grant funding period ends? 3. Grant Proposal Section 5- Timeline: Provide a written or schematic timeline (such as a table) for your health program. The timeline should include obtaining resources, implementing health program activities, evaluation methods, and required reports. Timeline is limited to 1-page maximum length. 4. Reference Page: Use APA format for all references cited within the grant proposal. Must contain at least 10 references 5. Use 12-point font, double spacing, and one-inch margins. Double spacing does not apply to any tables (such as schematic timeline). Combine into one document with each section clearly labeled and number each page consecutively.

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