Non Traditional Jobs

This week, please answer the following questions in 400-600 words. 1. Discuss 2 examples of how men are perceived in non-traditional work in the Glass Elevator readings. How are the means for achieving work promotions different for men in these fields than for women? 2. Discuss some of the gender stereotypes and challenges men face in non-traditional work. How do you think societies can work toward overcoming these gendered challenges? 3. What are some ways in which race complicates gender relations in the Outsiders within the Station House reading? Cite and discuss two examples. 4. How are women attempting to overcome these barriers? Cite at least two examples and discuss. 5. Discuss your opinion about non-traditional employment. Express your concerns about gendered stereotypes within non-traditional employment industries and ways to overcome them. Do you think this would require a policy change or social attitude change? Why and how?

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