Niccolò Machiavelli: What social latitudes or constraints influenced

Choose one significant military theorist from that period and describe his or her contribution to military philosophy.

• Is this person associated with a military treatise and if so, why was the treatise written?

• How did technological advancements or limitations of this person’s age shape his or her ideas?

• What social latitudes or constraints influenced this person’s military philosophy and the warfare of the age?

• Was this person’s ideas well-respected in following periods by other military theorists? Why or why not?

• What lessons does this person’s military philosophy impart to warfighting in the 21st century”?

Please use the above questions as subheadings for your major research paper. Also, make sure when you have completed your research paper, you look at the following checklist to make sure your paper meets all required criteria:

• Coversheet with student name, assignment, course number, date and institution. • Major research paper begins with an introduction of period and military philosopher, including bolded thesis at end of introduction. • Restatement of each of the questions above verbatim as subheadings before answering. • Narrative with word count no-less-than 2,800 words (discounting citation and bibliography). • Citation using Chicago-Turabian footnotes or endnotes (no parenthetical citation allowed). • Minimum of nine sources, three primary and six secondary (Please use academic caliber primary and secondary sources to construct this paper. You may not use Tertiary sources. Please see source requirements and restrictions). • Conclusion. • Full bibliography in Chicago-Turabian style

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