Description Orexin/hypocretin peptides in the aetiology and treatment of narcolepsy. 4 out of the 15 articles will be given that need to be used. Conduct your own literature search and identify other relevant papers. You may use a mix of primary papers and review articles, with no more than 25% reviews. Restrict the numbers of references to ensure you have time to read and understand them citing a large number of papers that have not been well read/understood will not achieve high marks. As a guide ~15 should be adequate to write a concise review and you should not exceed 20 in total- select the most significant and most relevant to make the points. All references should be cited in the text either numerically or, for example, as (Hara et al., 2001) and the full citation provided in a bibliography at the end. In the bibliography, listing should either be numerical or alphabetic by first author surname, as appropriate. Use a consistent reference format; if using reference manager software, Harvard or APA formats are suitable. Display items (i.e. Figures, tables) may be used. A brief explanatory legend should be provided for all figures and a heading for tables. The source of all display items should be given (briefly in the legend and full reference in the bibliography) unless self-drawn.


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