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Description Using narration, develop one of these topics into an essay. 1.An emergency that brought out the best or worst in you 2.The hazards of taking children out to eat 3.An incident that made you believe in fate 4.Your best or worst day at school or work 5.An important learning experience 6.A narrow escape 7.Your first date or first day on the job 8.A memorable childhood experience 9.An unpleasant confrontation 10.An imagined meeting with a historical figure Assignments Using Visuals Use the suggested visuals to help develop a narrative essay on one of these topics: 1.The best (or worst) vacation of your life (photos) 2.A school experience that had a positive impact on you (sketches or photos) 3.A family outing with an unexpected outcome (photos) 4.Something you did that you wish you could undo (diagram, photo) 5.A civic event you participated in (photos and/or web links)

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