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Read through the attachment material!! Paper–Write a 7-10-page paper that consist of the following sections with subheadings: 1) an introductory paragraph clearly stating the thesis of your paper. 2) a section carefully describing the design ideology of the architect as expresses in their own writings and/or buildings. (What are the basic tenets of their ideas? Where do these ideas come from? Do they build upon earlier ideas or reject them? How do these ideas relate to concurrent cultural developments that the designer was experiencing? Does the architect’s built work closely illustrate his or her ideas or is there a disconnect, and if so, how and why?) 3) a section discussing your own views regarding the designer’s ideology on architecture. (i.e. Do you agree or disagree with their ideas? Are they relevant today or outdated? What do you think about the architect’s work?) 4) a conclusion in which you clearly sum up your arguments.

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