Methods of Social Research Literature Review and Critique Paper

You are to compare, contrast, and critique at least 2 social science academic peer-reviewed journal articles, that are either quantitative or qualitative, but not an opinion essay or review of the literature. Make sure your articles follow this format: Abstract or Introduction; Methods; Results; Discussion; References; and if a quantitative study, it should have tables. (If you are in doubt, ask.) This paper is worth 100 points and is 25% of your final grade. Your paper should be 4-6 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, with 1-inch margins. Use APA style manual for citations and references ( Structure of Paper (Use sub-headings to outline your paper.) Introduction You should address (state this information in no more than one page):

1. Who wrote the articles?

2. What are the titles of the articles?

3. What years were they published?

4. Which journals published them? 5. Which concepts/variables were covered? 6. Which methods were used: interviews, observations, or surveys? 7. How large was the sample? 8. What were the results of the study? 9. Briefly assert your criticism of the articles. Body Describe and explain in detail: 1. The research questions or the hypotheses of the two studies. 2. The research methods used. 3. Research findings (statistics, themes, or quotes). 4. Major conclusions drawn from the research. 5. Critique the articles: state their strengths, weaknesses, and limitations: sample size, measurement of concepts, and ethics. Conclusion (the conclusion should be no longer than a-page-and-a-half.) Give a summary of the major points of your paper. Next, explain how you will overcome the void or errors in the research: either by extending the existing works or by doing a study completely differently.

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