Memo based on the following criteria regarding the Arkema facility

 Procedure There are two components to this assignment. In Part I, read through the “10 Steps of Crisis Communication” (J. Bernstein) as well as the other two articles “Tropical Storm Harvey Effects” (Lee et. al) and “Arkema holds press conference, focuses on community outreach” (R. Rowe) from the perspective of a personnel and environmental safety standpoint. As a risk assessment and crisis communication specialist, write a brief account of root causes of the incident and Arkema’s handling of the situation. Your analysis should include several direct reference(s) to the texts listed herein. Part II of this assignment asks you to practice your crisis communication skills by writing a brief statement from the prospective of a chemical process safety engineer that acknowledges the incident at the Arkema facility while arguing ultimately to either: • A) Support a fast-tract restart of the organic peroxide unit or • B) Use what we know of the plant operation procedures, checklists, and subsequent SOP failures as an example of why further operation of the peroxide unit should be halted pending further investigation and oversight For consideration: 1) Keep all summary of the Arkema incident to a minimum (2-3 sentences) 2) Detail one or two pros and one or two cons of the incident, the company’s response, and/or findings of the investigation from a risk/crisis communication point of view 3) Proffer a conclusion and recommendation(s) as to a future course of actions given your understanding of the incident and its root causes.

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