Markkula Ethics App and Ethical Theories

This is a week of individual reflection on what you believe and know about management. As you consider each of the topics below, prepare (and think about and edit and think about and edit some more) a 5-8 page reflection paper. Give each of the topics (the Roman numeral sections, below) about equal space in your paper, i.e., each topic is at least a one page section. Use APA format, incl. a cover page and header but not an abstract. Use DOC/DOCX, RTF, or PDF file formats. Prepare one document with all sections (consistent APA headings), and upload into Reflection Paper–Week 1 by the due date. Excellent college writing is expected and central to the evaluation (see assignment rubric). Should I, or Shouldn’t I? When is the first person voice appropriate in college writing? Using “I” and it’s forms is largely redundant in a reflection essay. The assignment is to reflect on something. That implies you, the student, have reflected and are making claims based on that. (Note that “you” here is literal; it literally means you, the reader. Almost never should college writing include the literal “you,” and never should it include the figurative “you.”) So, writing these reflection essays in the passive voice is fine. The reason is that the reader knows that the essay contains reflections of the writer. Therefore, it is redundant to write, “I think.” The reader knows that. Simply state what you think and, more importantly, why you think so. —-o0o—- I. Markkula Ethics App and Ethical Theories (A) Have a look at the Markkula Ethics App (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. website. We will use this resource throughout the course to assess the ethics of managerial decisions. Run through the process with a hypothetical management change in mind, perhaps one you’ve seen at work. What insights did the Markkula process give you about the change? How would you modify the change based on Markkula? (B) How do your insights align with the four theories of ethics in this module? In what ways do the four theories of ethics give you deeper insight? (One example might be to be watchful for managers making egoistic rather than utilitarian decisions.) II. Logical Fallacies Logically sound decision making is central to successful case analysis. Review this list of logical fallacies View in a new window [also found at] (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. as well as the assigned readings in Week 1, Ethical Theories and Logical Reasoning, Ethical Decision Framework, and Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching. Select one fallacy each from at least two of the “five major [logical fallacy] categories” that you feel are very harmful to management decisions. Make a reasoned argument (without fallacies!) to support your claim. Integrate your fallacy analysis with the three assigned readings. For example, Appeal to Pity in the Feelings category is sometimes used by employees, e.g., “my car broke down and I couldn’t get to work.” Sometimes those are suitable reasons to ask for unplanned, uncounted time off. That means breaking the human resource policies, a violation of deontology, which might be allowable if circumstance warrant (relativism). If the appeal to pity is a common one, that is, a tactic often used by the worker, if successful she or he is getting a break that others are not, an equity injustice. Others will rebel and chaos ensues, a poor management outcome. This situation has ethical implications and may have social justice elements, depending on the employee circumstances and human resource management policies.

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