Managing Credit Case Assignment

A.Obtain a great basic explanation of a credit score and a credit report from B.Obtain a free credit score from: C.Obtain a free credit report from: D.Obtain a quick How to introduction for managing your credit from: E.Find out the basics of borrowing money in document : Borrowing Basics (Attached Material) 2.Develop an overview of how to successfully manage your credit and obtain a loan. Write a six- to ten-page paper (including the cover page and a references page) to explain your credit management process and what the banker will consider. You will need to get your free Experian Credit Report and your free Experian Credit Score to complete this paper. You must include sections for the following topics: •An overview of the credit management process •What does your Experian credit report comprise? ◦What are the strong points of your credit report? ◦What are the weak points of your credit report? ◦What must you do to improve your credit report? •What is your Experian credit score (number value)? ◦What is your Experian credit score rating (e.g., poor, good, or excellent)? •What items will a banker consider if/when you request a loan for a house?

◦Describe each of the four Cs a banker will consider in the loan decision making process. ◦As you discuss the four Cs, identify the source of the information for each C. •Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font on the entire assignment •Complete the six-page essay, including a cover page as per the example in the Module 1 resources. ◦Use APA format for your in-text citations and for your references section.

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