Read the article entitled “Maintaining tree islands in the Florida Everglades: nutrient redistribution is the key” and then prepare review of the article, including the following components: Thesis: What are the main points of the article? What are role of phosphorus in expansion and maintenance of Tree Island? How increased phosphorus lead increased primary production that leads biomass have significant impact on structure of wetland vegetation, different types of vegetation at Everglades? Analysis: emphasize the following points 1. Reduction of tree Island due to alteration hydrology of South Florida 2. What is Biogeochemical hotspots which accelerates phosphorus level 100 times in Tree Islands 3. The loss of tree island has diminish landscape complexity and may be reduced important phosphorus sink within the everglades 4. How to restore the nutrient redistribution system associated with lost tree islands may play key role in the restoration of the everglades Conclusion: 1. Which point of view did you most agree with and why? 2. What made this point of view so convincing? 3. What made other points of view less convincing?


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