In what ways have you claimed or reclaimed this name that you have

Or imagine what it would be like in that tense moment when a passport or some other official asks your name. Why is your name important to you? In what ways have you claimed or reclaimed this name that you have been given? Is the name you have the one you want? But this doesn’t have to be a paper about your name so much as about the process of naming and how this process says something about how we read the world and how we are read by the world

What, for instance, is the politics of naming? Why do we name streets or schools and so forth after certain individuals? This could be about the name of a street from your current neighborhood or from the country you were born in. If you’ve never thought about why a street or town or school or building was named that way, this is your opportunity. The world around us is manifestly named. We need to get behind these names. For this assignment you might have to do some research, even about your own name. You might have to find out (if you don’t know) what your name means. You might have to learn of some interesting, if unintentional, connotations that your name has. You might need to learn more about a family member after who you are named.

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