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 Description As an upper classman majoring in Psychology at Indiana Tech, you have had the opportunity to complete a significant number of your psychology and other courses, and/or have some working experience serving the public either directly in a mental health or allied mental health arena or in some other retail, business or industry. As you move towards completing your undergraduate training at Tech, you need to begin to consider what the world holds for you in terms of career options. As such, you are to describe what you believe is your ideal career path in the Psychology / Social Services field by developing a response to several questions posed below. (If not a Psychology major, develop the assignment based on your major). Specifically, 1. Name and describe the ideal job title and job responsibilities you could see yourself engaged in as a Psychology / Social Services Professional. . Please detail at least 3 significant areas of responsibilities that your ideal job maintains being sure to clarify the significance of each of the 3 roles your ideal job would require you to complete on an ongoing basis. HINT: MY IDEAL JOB IS MARRIAGE COUNSELOR, YOU CAN MAKE UP THE REST 2. Identify and describe the type of Psychology/ Social Services agency in which you would find your ideal job and be sure to tell why you believe this type of agency is ideal for your “Ideal Job”. 3. Identify and describe 3 types of services your ideal job would require you to provide and why. 4. Develop a description and or scenarios of 3 types of clients that your job would have you engaged or providing services for and be certain to tell why you believe your personality, interests and training or planned training are ideal for serving these clients. 5. Describe how you think your services would benefit each of these 3 clients. 6. List and describe 3 psychology and or social science courses that you have taken at Indiana Tech (besides Internship & Field Experience) that directly benefit your ability to be successful in serving in the role of “Your Ideal Job” and tell how you believe these courses are prepared you to be successful in your “Ideal Job”. Or describe a combination of 3 psychology, social science and/or General requirement courses that you have taken that you believe best prepare you for your ideal job. HINT: Biopsycholy, Abnormal Psychology, & Theories of Counseling is three class i took! MAKE UP THE REST! Minimum 3 pages, maximum 5 pages, double spaced excluding cover pages and reference pages. Please use appropriate writing formats as required by the College of Professional Study. While there is no specific requirement for your work to be sourced using empirically validated documents, if you do decide to use the work of others as a part of your paper, please be certain that you give them appropriate credit both in the text of the paper using APA formatting and on an APA styled reference page. You may use a reference page for any referenced data used in developing your responses. Specifically, your document should be double spaced using 12-point font with one inch margins. If you specifically cite any data, statistics or directly use the wording of a source, please be sure to indicate it using APA citation formatting. While this is not considered as a research paper, it is still expected that you will attend to subject and verb agreement, spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, quality and appearance of text and document, etc. as those aspects will also be a part of your final grade for this project. Please be sure that you organize your project based on the manner in which it is laid out in this document being sure that you use section headers so that the sections being addressed are clearly discernible to the reader thereby increasing your likelihood of maximizing points earned on the project. IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL papers for this course must be thoroughly proofread before being submitted. Significant points will be taken off for misspelled words, wrong words used, missing words, grammar mistakes, incomprehensible phrases/sentences, and punctuation errors. Points WILL be taken off for these mistakes. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THIS, and DO NOT TRUST A COMPUTER TO FIND THESE MISTAKES FOR YOU; computers are not as smart as humans in that they cannot differentiate incorrect content from correct content.

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