How the English parliamentary system paved the way for the us

 It’s a good idea to use Zotero or some other online tool to help you manage and format your bibliography entries. Put your entries in either MLA or APA style. Under each entry, write an annotation. Your bibliography will earn the most points if it contains all of the following elements! You should have a minimum of 12, but not more than 20, total sources. 1. QUESTION/INTRODUCTION A specific, clearly defined focusing question, followed by a well-crafted paragraph explaining background information about your interest in this question and its significance to you and your potential readers. This element should take up no more than one-third of a page, single-spaced. 2. PUBLISHED BOOKS AND ARTICLES – with annotations Your annotation of each source should show how it will help you answer your research question and should note any special features, biases, etc. These sources may include the following: o Books written by one or a few authors o Entire edited collections of chapters/essays by different authors, published in book form, OR specific chapters or essays from edited collections o Scholarly, technical, and/or scientific articles, if you are able to understand them* o Magazine and newspaper articles, if they are substantive o Encyclopedia entries, but only if they are from specialized reference sources (please do not list any entries from Wikipedia,, Britannica, etc.) *Your bibliography must contain research publications from an academic, professional, or technical discipline. If you are having difficulty locating this type of source, be sure to ask for help! 3. INTERNET SOURCES – with annotations Internet sources are typically unpublished – but often are sponsored by organizations, businesses, and government. This category would also include blogs and discussion forums. In your annotations of web sources, explain your choice of each one based on its credibility and/or how it represents an important point of view related to your focusing question. 4. MULTIMEDIA SOURCES – with annotations This category would include documentary films and other significant items from visual media. This category is recommended, but optional. 5. LIVING SOURCES or FIELDWORK Refer to pages 84-100 in The Curious Researcher. Carefully describe at least one approach you will take to conduct your own, original research. This can be an interview, a survey, or a fieldwork experience. Think about what would be a realistic approach for you – what kinds of people or places you have access to, and how you could learn something different about your research question in this first-hand way.

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