GNED500: Social Analysis Project Proposal The intention of this assignment is to develop a clear plan for your analysis of a social problem/issue. One proposal should be completed and submitted by each group. Your proposal should include 2-3 paragraphs introducing/overviewing the topic (can be used to frame the introduction for your research paper) as well as an annotated bibliography of the sources you intend to draw from for your analysis. Each group member is responsible for completing one annotation (i.e. a proposal with three group members would have three annotations). Consider the following questions in developing your proposal: What is the social problem/issue that you will be researching (your topic)? What do you currently know about this topic? Why does this problem/issue concern you? How does this problem/issue relate to your personal or professional life? What questions do you have about this problem/issue? How will you go about/structure your analysis (social analysis paper)? Annotated Bibliography An annotated bibliography is a list of sources that you intend to use in your research paper. Its purpose is to help you identify research that has been done on your topic and evaluate it, specifically considering its value to your social analysis/research. For each annotation (source) you will be required to provide a description of the source (approximately one paragraph) along with a critique or evaluation of its relevance to your topic. You should use APA style to format your annotated bibliography. What to include in your description/critique of a source: Summary of the main arguments Conclusions made by the work The contribution that the work makes to the field or area of study Strengths and weaknesses of the work Issues/ omissions/ gaps/ problems that you identify Value/contribution that this source will have to your social analysis Your conclusions/perceptions about the source


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