Health Information Exchanges

 Health Information Exchanges Better access to patient medical data by health care providers and their patients can improve the quality and safety of care and lower costs. Digital technologies and the advent of HIEs enable electronic information sharing that helps solve this problem, but building a secure and interoperable nationwide network of independent exchanges presents numerous challenges. Choose two of the following five issues that you feel have a significant impact on the federal government’s goal of an efficient network of HIEs that permit sharing of patients’ medical data among all health care providers nationwide. Technology. Interoperability. Funding (public and private). Competition. Policies and procedures. Privacy and security. Then complete the following: Explain why you consider these issues to be important. What actions should be taken to address these issues? What are the implications for providers and patients of not resolving these issues? What evidence supports your conclusions about the importance of these issues, proposed actions, and the implications of resolving or not resolving these issues? Note: Remember to adhere to the requirements listed in the Faculty Expectations Message for unit discussion posts and peer responses

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