Health Care: Ten year old Hispanic girl who weighs 150 pounds

Address the Importance of Physical Assessment

• Apply evidence-based practice research findings in the management of a health issue.

• Discuss how age, gender, and culture affect health assessment and physical examination outcomes and techniques. • Identify alternative methods, interview techniques, and tools used to assess clients based on age (i.e. ear check for toddler, assessing skin turgor in the elderly), culture/ethnicity (i.e. dehydration in dark skinned client), gender (i.e. Pap smear), List all necessary assessment tools for the assessment of your specific patient for the specific age and condition. Choose one patient from the following patients: -Newborn Asian baby boy 1 day old with Mongolian spots -One year old girl with Asthma wheezing -Five year old boy with a greenstick fracture starting kindergarten -Ten year old Hispanic girl who weighs 150 pounds -Seventeen year old American teenager with a STI -Twenty-five year old Muslim female mother of twins with mastitis -Thirty year old pregnant female with pre-eclampsia eight month pregnant -Seventy year old African American male with BPH •3-page peer reviewed excluding title page and reference page, APA formatted paper (with at least 3 references within 5 years span).

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