Great Escapes

Synthesis Essay Planning You will write a synthesis research paper. That means you will come up with a theme and thesis and support it. You need a total of 4 sources You should come up with a clever title. You need a solid thesis statement that will guide your writing. Your essay needs to be 800-1000 words. Must follow MLA format Theme! This essay will be a research paper with the theme of Great Escape. You can pick one event from the three events listed. Once you pick the great escape you will research it and create a chronological (Time Order) outline. You will then write the research paper. El Mariel (First event) Andes Flight Disaster (1972). (Second event) Chibok schoolgirls kidnapping. (Third event) In total, you need 4 credible sources. Also, this must be MLA format. In addition, you will need to cite all references with MLA format. Objectives 1. Pick a theme and then a thesis 2. Create an outline based on Chronological Order 3. You use at least four sources 4. You must have in-text citations 5. You must have a Work Cited Page Please, make sure that the research without the outline has 800 words Thank you in advance!

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