Final Paper Proposal

his is Final Paper Proposal 750-1,000 words (this is roughly 3-4 pages, double spaced). Make sure you cite all sources and proofread your work. This is a much more formal assignment than the other writing assignments have been, so please treat it accordingly.

Final Paper Proposal/Outline

Please complete (online) by Friday, June 16, an outline/proposal for your final paper that addresses the following items:

  • Main Question/Main Claim/Thesis Statement
    • You are not required to give your “thesis statement” before actually writing the paper, however, I do need to see that you have a main question, or a main set of questions, and/or a main claim that you plan to argue for.
    • What is the central issue? What is the paper about? What do you expect to find, or hope to find?
  • Resources
    • What sources will you use? How will you find material to strengthen your argument?
    • Provide the full bibliographic information for at least 3 readings, articles, books, etc. in addition to those assigned for the class.
  • Road Map
    • How will you proceed? What kind of approach will you use?

This assignment is graded (total of 5 raw points), and please keep in mind that I will not accept a term paper from you before I receive one of these outlines/proposals.

It does not need to be long—just a paragraph or two would be fine. But make sure you address the three main items above.

If it’s a satisfactory proposal, then I will provide feedback and give you the go-ahead to simply write the paper (along with a grade). In this case, I won’t require you to make changes and resubmit the actual proposal. If, however, the proposal needs significant enough changes, then I will ask you to resubmit it before proceeding to write the paper. If this is the case, it will be clear in my feedback.


if you  would rather choose one of my topics, here is a list of suggestions: 

  1. Discuss your proposed response to problem of having to keep medical costs down, enable more people to have medical coverage, and also retain the innovative quality of the American system. Discuss details, give specifics, and don’t be afraid to be ambitious in your suggestion or proposal. In other words, I’m asking you what your proposed health care system would look like.
  2. What is justice in the context of medical ethics? In other words, is health coverage an inalienable right? Is equal treatment what’s fair, or should my standing in the community of health care be reflective of my place in society at large? What does an individual have a right to have? Support your claim with evidence, argumentation, and good reasoning.
  3. Choose either (a) stem cell research or (b) human/animal research or drug trials and talk about the social and ethical implications. Talk about the benefits and drawbacks of the relevant practices as they currently stand, and propose your solution to the complexities. Use detailed arguments and evidence in support of your claims—give evidence, arguments, and exercise good reasoning!

Just to be clear, I would love to see each and every one of you propose your own unique paper topic. You should feel free to write about whatever has grabbed your interest, but I want to make sure no one feels paralyzed in the face of too many options, or too few guidelines.

As always, cite all sources!   NO PLIGRASIM

so for proposal, he just need paragraph or two if you want to write more that would be fine, but after he gives me the comment you have to complete it 

so the due date for proposal  is 16 june

and the final is 21 june

please let me know if you can do it ,to submit it and attache an example for you 

thank you

Expert Solution Preview


As a medical professor, it is important to encourage students to engage in critical thinking and research to develop their own unique perspectives on medical issues. This final paper proposal assignment will allow students to choose their own topic of interest within the realm of medical ethics and develop a thesis statement or set of questions to guide their research. In this proposal, students will also need to identify the resources they plan to use and provide a road map for how they plan to proceed with their research.

Answer to the Question:

For this final paper proposal, students are required to submit a proposal/outline of 750-1000 words. Although they are not required to provide the thesis statement, they need to show that they have a main question or a main set of questions and/or a main claim that they plan to argue for. The proposal should clearly identify the central issue, what the paper is about, and what the author hopes to find.

In terms of resources, students will need to provide the full bibliographic information for at least three readings, articles, books, etc. in addition to those assigned for the class. This will show that they have conducted research and have a solid understanding of the topic they plan to write about.

Finally, students will need to provide a road map for how they plan to proceed with their research. This will involve identifying the approach they plan to use and how they will analyze the information they have gathered.

Overall, this assignment is an opportunity for students to develop their critical thinking and research skills, while also applying them to a topic that they find interesting within the realm of medical ethics.

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