Evaluating and Reporting Quality of Care

As the practice manager for ABC Clinic, you have gathered a significant amount of data from patient experiences, to chronic condition management outcomes, and many other data points in between. You plan to make a proposal at your next all-staff meeting, proposing the publication of the clinic’s data. Respond to the following points as a means of preparing for the meeting: What data sets will you suggest for publication? Provide a thorough rationale for each selection. What data sets will you advise be used only internally (not for publication), why? In bullet point format, list five questions you expect to receive from your staff (this includes clinical and non-clinical staff). In italics, provide your response to each question. If approved by the leadership team to proceed with publication, what platform(s) will you use to share the data? (i.e. how you will ensure the information reaches your target audience). Briefly describe your rationale for this selection. Include a minimum of two scholarly sources on a separate reference page; APA format should be followed throughout.

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