Ethics Case Study

A student’s analysis of the ethic case must use the following written structural framework, which can be written as a memorandum to the file. Without the bullet points – these indicate required headings for each of the four sections. The following the description heading below to form a memorandum to the file. • Statement of the facts • Restate all the relevant facts in the case • State the question • Clearly restate the question calling for a solution • Conclusions and recommendations • Concisely state the conclusions based on reasoning and support and provide a recommendation • Reasoning and authoritative references and support • Conclusions and recommendations must be supported by source references and reasoning (thought process) This analysis is, in a structured format, a written summary of your assignment for the ethics cases. The written assignment should be prepared in MS Word and submitted into the LMS prior to the due date deadline. The write-up should be professionally presentable with an appropriate descriptive heading: MEMORANDOM TO FILE Subject: Date: Submitted by: The body of the memo should contain formatted subheadings (the four structural sections) with no misspelling or grammatical errors.

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