Elderly control of Type 2 diabetes in the community

The student will search for, select and critically appraise two primary research papers relevant to an agreed area of interest associated with their practice area. Students will document their search strategy and present it within the assessment. The first paper will be from a qualitative perspective, the second from a quantitative perspective. A critical appraisal framework will be completed for each research paper and included as part of the essay. Students will finally provide a critical discussion of the two research papers. Select an area that is of interest to you and related to your practice.


Searching 1.Conduct a search of the literature related to your chosen topic. 2.Document your search strategy utilising PEO, PICO or SPICE 3.Choose one qualitative and one quantitative paper for Section Three of the assessment 4.Provide a rationale for the selected primary research papers demonstrating how it is relevant to your practice setting .


Using a Critiquing Tool Using the provided tools, you must complete a critical appraisal of both of the selected primary research papers. Include these as an appendix to your essay.


Critique Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of key elements of the research process when assessing the quality of the primary research papers. Construct a critical analysis of the key issues arising from the selected papers, supported by a range of independent reading. Discuss the applicability and potential implementation of research findings to their clinical practice area. Presentation, grammar and referencing skills consistent with Level 5 criteria. Assessment Criteria

1.Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of key elements of the research process. Document your search strategy using PEO, PICO or SPICE and the databases utilised. (LO 1, 2, 3) 2.Reflect on the applicability and potential implementation of the research findings in clinical practice in a way that is context sensitive.

(LO 4) 3.Demonstration of knowledge and evidence drawn from module content and primary research papers, as applied to an issue of their choosing. (LO 1, 2) 4.Construct a critical analysis of the key issues arising from the papers, supported by a suitable range of alternate reading.(LO 1, 2, 3) 5.Presentation, grammar and academic conventions consistent with level 5 working.

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