ED6008 Multimodal Learning in Early Childhood- Scenario No 2: The

Scenario No 2:

The ticket Elsa came to the Nursery one morning and was very happy. She was holding a ticket on her hands and announces to everyone that she went to Epping Forest with her parents this weekend. She is thrilled about this experience and she is describing to her friends the forest, the trails and the trees. They all sit down in the arts and crafts area and draw a picture of this forest. 

Front page for assessment

➢Title page (student number, module code, word count, essay title) ➢Table of contents (if you wish) ➢Introduction Describe the purpose of the essay and the content. Mention the scenario you selected ➢Child-led activities • Describe 2 activities you designed based on the selected scenario. (You need to design your OWN activities) • 1 literacy activity and 1 tech activity and give emphasis in storytelling, books, speaking and listening. • The activities should link with the concept of multimodality and give children a leading role • There should be a provision for children with SEN and/or EAL (L.O. 6)

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