Devilish Candies manufactures

The purpose is to demonstrate:

• The ability to apply statistical tools to analyze data for the purpose of insight and understanding.

• The ability to communicate the results of such analysis in a clear and meaningful manner. Analysis of the assignment will require your application of statistical concepts and tools, and the use of Excel and Word to produce the final report.

Your report should:

1. Take the form of a managerial report. Imagine you are an analyst presenting the data for management consideration. This is a writing assignment – spelling and grammar are important here just as in any professional situation.

2. Have an introduction and conclusion

3. Answer the specific questions listed in the assignment on the next page. These questions should be answered within the body of the report as the data analysis is described.

4. The data analysis will certainly require at least one and probably more graph(s) and table(s). Develop these with Excel and import them into your text document.

5. Do not repeat the original data that is supplied with the assignment.

You are to provide an analysis of the data. Writing style: 1 inch margins, Times New Roman 12 pt font, single spaced. No page requirement but use what it takes to properly answer the questions. Your submission will be a single word or .pdf document posted to Blackboard at the indicated place. Graphs, tables, and other output from Excel must be copied into the Word document in appropriate places – you will not be sharing your Excel file but rather the useful output that it generated. Your work will be evaluated for the reasonableness and appropriateness of the tools applied in the analysis, accuracy of the results, and the criteria listed above. CASE: Devilish Candies Website Transactions Devilish Candies manufactures and sells quality chocolate products at its plant and retail store located in Atlanta, Georgia. Two years ago the company developed a website and began selling its products over the Internet. Website sales have exceeded the company’s expectations, and management is now considering strategies to increase sales even further. To learn more about the website customers, a sample of 50 Devilish Candies transactions was selected from the previous month’s sales. Data showing the day of the week each transaction was made, the type of browser the customer used, the time spent on the website, the number of website pages viewed, and the amount spent by each of the 50 customers are contained in the file named Sample_Data.xlsx, which is attached. Devilish Candies would like to use the sample data to determine if online shoppers who spend more time and view more pages also spend more money during their visit to the website. The company would also like to investigate the effect that the day of the week and the type of browser have on sales.

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