Descriptive Essay on Innovation Length.

 Assignment #3: Descriptive Essay on Innovation Length: A 500 word descriptive essay Format: APA Minimum Number of Outside Sources: 3 Question Option 1: Choose and describe one innovation within the last 5 years that uses 3-D printing. Question Option 2: Choose a successful innovative product developed in the past 5 years by a startup company and explain how and why the product became successful. Description: Please provide an informative essay on the topic above. You can collaborate with your colleagues to brainstorm ideas, but you need to write independently, and you cannot use the exact same outline as your peers. If you use any ideas of your colleagues, you need to reference them correctly as APA in-text citations. Your essay has to include: – Thesis – Points to support your thesis – Explanations for each point – Evidence (with data from outside sources, gathered during your research) – Full sentences – A full paragraph for introduction – A full paragraph for conclusion Do not forget to proofread and edit your work for cohesion, coherence and correct grammatical structures. Please try and keep the content minimal and concise. Include at least 3 references in APA format.

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