Define the community or population being targeted

Description This is the outline we were given to follow. 1. From the Healthy People 2020 Choose one of the HHS Prevention strategies that is of interest to you and relevant to advance practice nursing. (Be specific.) ********MY TOPIC IS PERTAINING TO THE INITIATIVE TO ELIMINATE MEDICATION DRUG ABUSE IN AMERICA’S ADOLESCENTS AT LOCAL, STATE, AND NATIONAL LEVELS.**************** * Provide a brief overview of the mission of the program. * Define the community or population being targeted. 2. Define the health promotion/wellness topic: include background & clinical significance * Describe the effect of the issue/topic on the client & community. * Describe the effect of the issue/topic on the health care system as a whole. 3. Explain (in detail) program goals/interventions * How are the goals carried out? * What organizations are involved in the program? * Most of the programs have a whitepaper in pdf form that can be downloaded from the site.

4. Evidence-based literature to support the intervention/program * Find literature to support the need for the program. * A minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources. * Not more than five years old, with the exception of a landmark study.

5. Assessment of resources * What resources are currently available? (This does not refer to the availability of literature to support the program) * Is there adequate access to the resources? 6. Barriers to change / implementation * What type of barriers exist that hinder or prohibit change?

4/5 Be specific. * What are barriers to implementing the change to policy/programs? Again, be specific. 7. Summary * Restate the program, what was discovered, and the need for the change. * This should summarize your entire paper, no new concepts are brought in. 8. References * APA Format * 10 References from reputable sources * Minimum of five peer reviewed sources * Not more than five years old, with the exception of a landmark study *****Helpful Hints******** Paper should be a minimum of 10 pages excluding title and reference pages.. APA format is required – 6th edition

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