Critical Infrastructure -Security of Natural Gas utilities

 1. Security of Natural Gas utilities has special importance, especially in some states that rely on it for heating and industry fuel (most of the northern states). Disruption of service could not only shut down millions of workers, it could virtually stop many key services and bog down public transportation. Much of our nations gas pipelines go over ground. As such they could be a target for terrorist activity. From the Textbook or any other sources, just what has been done to protect these pipelines from attacks? (I suggest you list and support 3 items). Are we doing enough and should more technology or manpower be used to defend these critical resources? If you can find an instance of an attack since 911, note that in your defense. *** 3 Sources with URL citation in APA Format *** 2. The cost of defending the US from terrorist has an impact on both or checkbook and our foreign policy and the gas pumps. Several Indirect Impacts were discussed in your reading, focus on any 2 and give examples and links (from the textbook or web) that support your opinions. In some cases you may even come up with some additional impacts such as the lowering of inventory at Wal-Mart. This one may require a couple of good support web articles and links. *** 3 Sources with URL citation in APA Format ***

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