Description , A. (2012) Anti-Vaccine activists, Web. 2.0, and the postmodern paradigm – An overview of tactics and tropes used online by the anti-vaccination movement. Vaccine 30, pps. 3778-3789, Write 300 words on the following topic: In the assigned article, how does Kata define the ‘postmodern medical paradigm’ and Web 2.0? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this paradigm and Web 2.0 as they affect the general population searching for medical information on the internet? Provide examples of some of the tactics and tropes used by anti-vaccinators such as Jenny McCarthy and others who have created anti-vaccination websites such as SafeMinds, Generation Rescue, etc. Give specific examples and analyze your findings, referencing where you found your information. This is too short of a paper to use quotes. Put any information from the article or other sources in your own words in order to practice your paraphrasing skills. Use in text citations with page numbers when citing ideas not your own, e.g. (Kata, p. 3779).


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