Description of your idea: In New York City, many people struggle to find events that match their location and interests.

Description of your idea:

In New York City, many people struggle to find events that match their location and interests. They’re tired of scouring the internet, unsure where to look, and often find that the information they find is outdated. Recognizing this need, our entrepreneur has conceived “GoEvent,” an application designed to address these challenges.

The primary function of “GoEvent” is to pinpoint users’ locations and display events within a 5-mile radius, ensuring relevance and accessibility. Additionally, the app allows users to see who else is attending these events, facilitating connections before booking. Users also have the option to keep their profiles private for added privacy and security.

Notifications are sent directly to users’ phones whenever a new event becomes available, keeping them informed and engaged. To register, users must provide their full name, email address, phone number, and address. Purchasing event tickets is made simple through online transactions using credit or debit cards.

Furthermore, “GoEvent” includes a discussion board where users can exchange ideas and insights about events, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

With “GoEvent,” discovering and participating in events in NYC has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Context of the business environment (tell us about the business and industry):

“GoEvent” operates within the bustling events industry of New York City, catering to residents and visitors seeking tailored event experiences. By leveraging geolocation technology and offering features like pre-event networking and secure online ticketing, “GoEvent” aims to simplify event discovery and participation in the vibrant NYC scene.

And what business need/problem is it solving for:

“GoEvent” addresses the common challenge faced by individuals in New York City who struggle to find relevant and up-to-date events in their area. By providing a user-friendly platform with personalized event recommendations, networking opportunities, and convenient ticket purchasing, “GoEvent” streamlines the process of discovering and participating in events, fulfilling the need for accessible and engaging event experiences in the bustling city environment.

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