CHS 305 Final Term Paper: Suffering In the Jail Systems Globally

Objective:  To prepare a term paper no longer than 8-9 pages (APA format, double spaced, 1 inch margins, properly cited with references, excluding title and reference page) to critically reflect upon the cumulative course content as relates to the volunteer experience.  A minimum of six (6) references are required, and you may cite the actual power point lectures no more than twiceAt the end of each lecture, you will find the references your instructor used to create the presentation.  These resources can be used for your APA citing purposes and do not count toward to two lecture citing limit.  Students will include references from readings and/or other scholarly references.  Please note that D2L and Power Point lectures contain resources for all readings/multi-media sources which may be useful to reference as you construct your paper.  Prose should be scholarly; however, first person is appropriate for a reflection paper.


Please refer to the following documents to further guide you in writing your paper:  Assignment 10 (reflection), Assignment 11 (organization), Weekly Module Overviews, and Template for Final Paper.


Students are advised to follow the rubric criteria AND should refer to the CHS 305 Template Final Project Paper to ensure you are including the relevant and required components.


Note:  with the exception of the introduction and conclusion EACH PAPER SECTION should specifically link to at least one concept, theory, model, framework, etc. from course content.  Successful students review all lecture materials, lecture references, text book, assigned readings, assignments, multi-media presentations, etc. in synthesizing key points for inclusion in the paper.  Assignments #10 and #11 are specifically designed to support this process and are excellent resources to use in formulating term papers in other coursework.


Students MUST use the template provided.  Please refer to the Pre-internship paper template on D2L.


Strong writing offers a topic sentence, with a scholarly reference to define 

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